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I Heard Heaven Proclaim
Prophetic Words of Encouragement

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by Yount, Bill
ISBN: 1-58158-075-4
Price: 8.99 (144 pages)
Internet Price: 7.64
Books per carton: 56
Tradepaper 5 x 8

All of us can hear from Heaven for ourselves, but some are called to share heavenly proclamations with the entire Body of Christ. Here, Bill Yount shares many enlightening, vivid word pictures that will challenge, instruct and edify you. Through his conversational style, Bill Yount has a disarming way of convincing us that supernatural Christianity is totally natural. He really believes that God speaks and leads through everyday life. The prophetic vignettes he shares are timeless in relevance and revelatory of God’s heart for today. Easy, refreshing reading. Bob Sorge, author of Secrets of the Secret Place God still speaks today! All of us can hear from Heaven for ourselves, but some, who are called to be prophets, hear heavenly proclamations meant to be shared with the entire Body of Christ. Bill Yount is one of these prophets. The enlightening, vivid word pictures in this book will challenge, instruct and edify you as you allow the Holy Spirit, who breathed them into Bill, to awaken them in you. Enjoy! Dutch Sheets, pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and author of Intercessory Prayer I Heard Heaven Proclaim is a very unique book. Bill not only enters into a dimension of spiritual awakening, but also is able to communicate to us from the Throne Room. This book will help many to understand that God longs to speak to us on a daily basis and reveal Himself to us in unique and peculiar ways. Chuck D. Pierce, Glory of Zion International Ministries, author of The Worship Warrior

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