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Children's Bread, The
Receiving and Ministering God’s Gift of Healing

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by Bonn, Elaine
ISBN: 978-1-58158-055-6
Price: 14.99 (216 pages)
Internet Price: 12.74
Books per carton: 30
Tradepaper 5 x 8

Elaine Bonn is a forerunner in the current healing movement. She has been teaching healing and praying for the sick for more than twenty years. This book, therefore, is a must-read for all those who want to establish a solid foundation for healing in their lives and also to have a ministry of healing to others. Cal Pierce, Director Healing Rooms Ministries Spokane, Washington The Childrens Bread is a useful tool that can shed light on many perplexing questions surrounding the subject of divine healing. Elaine brings a sound and balanced insight into possible causes of illness, and she then presents biblical solutions to removing obstacles that hinder the healing flow. The life-giving principles contained in this book are sure to benefit every reader. Dr. James Maloney, President The ACTS Group, International

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