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Golden Glory
The New Wave of Signs and Wonders

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by Heflin, Ruth
ISBN: 1-58158-001-0
Price: 16.99 (320 pages)
Internet Price: 14.44
Books per carton: 26
Tradepaper 5 x 8

God has never stopped performing signs and wonders for those who believe, and He never will. What we are seeing in the dawning days of the new millennium, however, is something altogether new and different. God is suddenly sending a visible glory, a golden glory, as gold dust or glory dust, upon His people. This golden glory is appearing on Christians of every denominational background. It comes to us as we pray and as we worship, but is also falling upon us as we go about our daily activities. This golden glory is being manifested to those who seek it, and also to some who dont. It is a sovereign act of God to show His presence and His power in these last days. It is a wake-up call for the nations, a visible sign to the whole world, this rain of Gods Golden Glory.

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